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We work with companies to create and deliver real-world work experience opportunities. Collaborating with employers to design short-term or year long career placement opportunities. Placement programs provide companies with passionate, hard-working and highly dedicated temporary staff. In return, candidates gain valuable industry experience to progress their career.

The benefits of placement programs:

  • Strengthen your team without committing to long term / permanent contracts.

  • Gain fresh insight and idea's for your operation. 

  • Delegate projects without using your core resources

  • Train and develop potential full-time recruits

Management Training

Management training programs are a great way to bring in experienced talents to your team without having to commit to long term contracts. A candidate would enrol on the work based training with your existing staff to develop their knowledge and understanding of successful leadership and operational management. 

Hospitality Internship

Hospitality internships are a great way to bring in passionate young people to your company that have a desire to join the hospitality workforce. Another work based program where candidates create flexibility within your team by enrolling in department cross training, prior to choosing a specific vocation to continue their career path.

It's not uncommon for trainee's to be offered permanent placements on completion of both the management and hospitality training programs. 

If you would like to discuss setting up a placement program within your company or facility then contact us for further discussion. 

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